March Model of the Month: Shitty Kitty

Due to scheduling conflicts and other obligations, we were unable to pull through with our intended photoshoot and interview with the Model of the the Month for March (April’s Model of the Month has been interviewed and will be shot this weekend, so that is definitely coming).  Regardless, something is better than nothing and we decided to embrace our shame by putting out an article anyways, only with our house cat filling in as the model.


Kitty sneaked into our house in Spring of 2014 as a runt, stray kitten.  Prior to her intrusion, a car had crashed into our abode which left a gaping hole that allowed street rats to find their way inside.  Over the course of the weeks before Kitty’s arrival, we had “taken care of” a wave of rats that made their way in, so when a dark blur darted across the hallways the size of an apple, we assumed it was another rodent.  We immediately blocked off the exits and set-up the traps but low and behold, we discovered it was a kitten and after two vet visits we were owners of Kitty.

With her third birthday on the horizon, it seems appropriate to look back at her time spent with us and what her hopes are for the future.

Originally, we had asked Kitty about what looks she wanted for her shoot but she insisted on using, in her words, the shit you already got.  I explained that much of her better shots are from at least a year ago and when her figure was slimmer but she again insisted on using these photos.

Despite her weight gain, she still gets plenty of compliments.  My close friend ‘Wild’ Bill Grotheer hailing from Jersey (and Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan) said it himself,  Bro, you got a beautiful cat.  Mind you, this is not the first male who has referred to Kitty as ‘beautiful’.  It’s in the eyes, Kitty was quick to note.

Even though Kitty was able to find a home early on in her life, she doesn’t forget her roots.  I’m from the streets, she said with a Tupac like glare.  You fuck with me, I kill your family.

She admits though, she’s chilled out a lot more and opts for longer naps and quiet nights lounging on her balcony of her house and staring out into the cool Los Angeles nights.   Kitty is adamant to state that it’s nights like those that she cherishes most and she never glosses over her blessings.

My family still out there struggling.  Scrapping day to day to survive.  The last time she visited them was over a year ago after she had gotten stabbed and placed in a cone.  It was a wake up call to slow down.  I also felt I needed to spend one more time with them before I moved on and focused on me.   She spent two weeks with her family before returning home right before El Nino hit. I love’em but them [racial slur] are on their own with that shit.

At this point in the interview, Kitty began to clean herself and left to take a poop shortly after.  She didn’t respond to any further requests for comments.

All that I’ve been through has made me into who I am today.

Article by @zachquinones

Photos by @joelfloraphoto

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