15 Questions with Bianca Rodrigues, a 19-year-old Brazilian living in Los Angeles, California and this months Model of the Month.


Tell us about yourself: Where were you born? Where did you grow up? What do you do for fun? What are your interests other than modeling?

  • I was born in Anapolis, Brazil
  • I grew up in Anapolis, Goias, Brazil
  • I like to dance
  • I like to act too

What other work do you do other than modeling?

  • I just work as model

What got you interested in modeling? How long have you been modeling?

  • I have been modeling since I was 11 years old

What are your goals?

  • I would like to grow in my modeling career and start acting

What is your greatest accomplishment so far? 

  • I moved to Los Angeles, California, I love this place

Do you eat nutritiously?

  • Yes yes

How often do you exercise?

  • I exercise every day

What was the most difficult shoot you’ve done? 

  • A shoot in Brazil shooting wedding dresses! The shoot was in a place full of eucalyptus, it was very difficult to shoot but I loved the results

Describe your perfect shoot.

  • In a heavenly place with a great team

Do you have any limitations with the style of the shoot?

  • Nothing Vulgar

Have you ever taken any classes about modeling?

  • Yes, when I was 11 years old

Who is your role model?

  • Alessandra Ambrosio

Do you have anything quirky that nobody knows about you?

  • Nothing Special, LOL

Social Media

  • IG: @realbiancarodrigues
  • Facebook: Bianca Rodrigues

Playlist of the Week: C.R.E.A.M.

This week’s playlist is all about that $$$$$.  From The Beatles to Frank Ocean, every prominent musician has had something to say about the almighty dollar.  This will be a journey through our most diverse playlist of 40 songs dedicated to dead presidents.*

*Sorry no Dead Presidents Pt. II by Jay Z because he decided to take all his shit off Spotify and horde it on Tidal.  What the fuck Hov?  We was rootin’ for you!

April Model of the Month: Kari Nautique

The meet-up with Kari was arranged through a mutual friend who has known her for about 10-years.  It was an interaction I was looking forward to because I was told that she had a cool personality and is an open book when it comes to talking about her life.  She flew in from the East Coast and after a quick battle with traffic she arrived at our house with a friendly smile ready to go.

I talk too much and I’m an open book! She said, funny enough.  We took to the theater room, settled down with some coffee and water, and got started.  I asked her how to spell her last name and she spelled it out, N-A-U-T-I-Q-U-E. It’s her middle name that her dad gave her.  My dad had a wakeboarding boat when I was a born.  An Super Air Nautique, it was like the Mercedes of wakeboarding boats, so that’s what I’m named after, she said.  The name fit accordingly because Kari’s childhood revolved around constant surfing and wakeboarding with her dad.  

Kari grew up with her Nana and Pawpaw at their lakehouse in the tiny town of Salt Springs, Florida.  We get eggs from our own chickens and we grow our own vegetables and all of our water is from a well from a spring. The “tiny” aspect of the town is no exaggeration either.  It has no stoplight, one stop sign, a Salt Spring grocery, one gas station, one bar and one post-office.  I used to catch snakes and baby alligators as a pasttime, which I come to think of it is super fuckin’ dangerous.  Her dad taught her how to boogieboard at five and surf when she was eight.  

Kari couldn’t emphasize enough how much her dad was a positive and happy influence through her childhood, not just from the days spent on the beach but also the nights reading her bedtime stories.  My dad was this super, nerdy surfer guy.  So my bedtime stories were The Hobbit and The Lord of the Ring series.  She takes those books to heart because they represent family.  Kari poked fun at herself for a moment as being the weird, nerdy girl nobody would talk to in high school because of her obsession with sci-fi and fantasy.  Guys did you see that episode of Farscape last night?  It was really cool!  She said in a lightheartedly  I had braces and crooked bangs.  Kari even admitted to paying her prom date to go to prom with her.

 Her and her dad would also plan vacations together, memories that lit up Kari’s face when she talked about them.  Every year my dad and I would go to Costa Rica on surf trips, she said.  It was a father-daughter surf trip.  They would go to Jaco Beach and every morning a woman named Sue Hailey would make them breakfast before they hit the waves.  When she was ten years old on that trip, she caught her first barrel surfing with her dad.  I just remember it going over my head and thinking this is so cool!  

For Kari, her mom was her Nana, a tough Southern woman who kept a rifle to shoot the squirrels who tried to get their corn.  Nana would always obliterate the corn stocks trying to snag the squirrels that would result in her and Pawpaw getting into hilarious spats.  It was this awesome dialogue between them all the time, she said and would often use them as characters in her creative writing classes.  She would remember hearing her Pawpaw yelling at Nana after she unloaded her rifle on the squirrels, Dangnamit, you done messed up the corn!  

When Kari was twelve, her dad remarried and had four kids which brought a halt to the yearly surfing trips but she doesn’t take it in spite and emphasizes her dad’s new wife as a wonderful woman and wonderful mother.  Regardless, Kari and her dad are still able to find time to share the father-daughter moments they cherished during her early childhood.  I’ll go home, pop a Modelo and we’ll watch whatever’s on TV, she said.  I like that I have that with him.  Daddy’s girl but not your preppy Valley girl daddy’s girl cause I got the hippy, surfer dad, she said.  I got the cool dad.

Kari transitioned into modeling by doing bikini shoots for local companies before eventually booking a gig in Los Angeles.  When she flew out for the shoot, the girl responsible for booking her flight booked it for two months instead of two weeks.  So I ended up getting her job and never went home, she said.  Despite the sudden and unexpected life change, she simply rolled with the wave.  After some time of being homeless and couch surfing she went to a party that was filled with numerous people from her high school.  She said it was surreal and trippy to find so many former classmates at a random party in L.A.  I was like, where am I?  Is this the Twilight Zone? she joked.  Fortunately for Kari, one of those old friends from high school was desperate to leave their current living situation and in need of a roommate fast. So I looked at her and was like, I’m homeless!  The two immediately got an apartment together.  For Kari, whether by intention or not, she echoed sentiments of George Harrison from The Beatles that nothing happens by chance.  Life is amazing, you are where you’re supposed to be at all points and times.

She used her new living situation as an opportunity to try and accomplish her goal of being a Playboy bunny.  That didn’t happen, but I did end up working for Playboy while I was out here, she said.  Kare also became good friends with Hugh Hefner and his wife, having dinner with them every Sunday night.  I [still] got to live the life I wanted to live and got to do things a lot of people can say they never did.  Kari referenced her Nana who hung out with country legends like Willie Nelson during her youth.  You can’t put a price on it, she said.  For the past three years she’s been living in New York and has realized that since then that era of Playboy is gone and is thankful she got to experienced it.

We got into a tangent on some random topics before finding common ground on college, both of us being dropouts but still having a love for learning and reading.  I’ve been trying to read a book a day, Kari said.  Most of the stuff being financial based, motivational based, Kari said.  The selection wasn’t random; she just officially LLC’d her swimwear company Nautique Swim.  The desire to start her own company seemed an obvious choice to Kari.  She had modeled swimwear for a decade and her passion for it has never dwindled but also realized that she can’t be a model forever.  As a model this day in age you have to monetize on your name.  You build your name and then exploit your name.  We’re moving into the exploitation process now, it’s going to be fantastic! she joked.

When she first started her company she had no experience whatsoever and had to learn everything through trial and error.  Kari bought a sewing machine, taught herself how to sew, and paid out of her own pocket for all the materials she needed.  After weeks on end she made a few viable, wearable bikinis that she was able to sell.  But the amount of time that went in per suit, wasn’t cost effective, she admitted.  Kari then started researching in factories and looking for more efficient ways to manage her company and of course, hit numerous roadblocks along the way before she found the path that works.  I say that hesitantly because I haven’t sold anything, she said with a laugh.  [But] now that it works, I’m going to expand it into a fitness line and a lingerie line.  One thing that Kari exhibits is her sense of awareness and optimism. If it all sucks, well, then I’ll just find something else to do, she said quite confidently.

One of the biggest roadblocks Kari faced through the whole process was her pride.  I didn’t want it to fail, and the formula that I had wasn’t working and I just kept trying the same formula.  She was taking too much of a creative approach to her company and overlooking the business side of it.  Once I started to approach the business side of it, I started to realize where I was messing up, she said, a credit she gave to the financial and business books she had taken initiative to read in recent years.

We brought things back to her childhood and Kari admitted that as a kid she often felt victimized because she wouldn’t get a lot of the things she wanted, but soon realized that it was because she didn’t work for it.  Things are supposed to suck, they won’t always suck, but when something sucks what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to complain or get up and get it fuckin’ moving? That’s the difference now for Kari; as a kid she wanted things done for her but by the time she was a teenager and since then, she has taken matters into her own hands.  You’re going to have to work for it [success] regardless.  There’s no one out there who is successful in any way, shape, or form who didn’t have it suck at some point in time.

Article by @zachquinones

Photos by @joelfloraphoto

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Playlist of the Week: Dope Beats 001

This week is dedicated to the silent voices of music, the producers, instrumentalists, DJ’s, and beatmakers who often don’t get the recognition they deserve.  Some new and rising acts like BadBadNotGood (they’re going to be on the new Kendrick Lamar album) and some of the OG’s like J Dilla (R.I.P.), Dr. No, and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

There’s 28 tracks of heat and clocking in at just under 2-hours.  No need to decipher any lyrics with this one, just hit play and let the vibes penetrate your eardrums (sexual innuendo intended).

Playlist of the Week: 00’s Hip-Hop Hits

Need to feel old?  It’s been 14-years since 50 Cent released Get Rich or Die Tryin’ .  Let that sink in for some time, and while you marinate in your inevitable mid-life crisis, what better way to deal with that trauma than this week’s playlist of Hip-Hop Hits from the 2000’s.

A whopping 132-songs and 9+ hours of the classics (yeah, these are playing on classic radio now) from 50 Cent, DMX, Nelly, and every other rapper you haven’t heard from in a long, long time.  And for those of you wondering, yes, Ja Rule is here too.

March Model of the Month: Shitty Kitty

Due to scheduling conflicts and other obligations, we were unable to pull through with our intended photoshoot and interview with the Model of the the Month for March (April’s Model of the Month has been interviewed and will be shot this weekend, so that is definitely coming).  Regardless, something is better than nothing and we decided to embrace our shame by putting out an article anyways, only with our house cat filling in as the model.


Kitty sneaked into our house in Spring of 2014 as a runt, stray kitten.  Prior to her intrusion, a car had crashed into our abode which left a gaping hole that allowed street rats to find their way inside.  Over the course of the weeks before Kitty’s arrival, we had “taken care of” a wave of rats that made their way in, so when a dark blur darted across the hallways the size of an apple, we assumed it was another rodent.  We immediately blocked off the exits and set-up the traps but low and behold, we discovered it was a kitten and after two vet visits we were owners of Kitty.

With her third birthday on the horizon, it seems appropriate to look back at her time spent with us and what her hopes are for the future.

Originally, we had asked Kitty about what looks she wanted for her shoot but she insisted on using, in her words, the shit you already got.  I explained that much of her better shots are from at least a year ago and when her figure was slimmer but she again insisted on using these photos.

Despite her weight gain, she still gets plenty of compliments.  My close friend ‘Wild’ Bill Grotheer hailing from Jersey (and Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan) said it himself,  Bro, you got a beautiful cat.  Mind you, this is not the first male who has referred to Kitty as ‘beautiful’.  It’s in the eyes, Kitty was quick to note.

Even though Kitty was able to find a home early on in her life, she doesn’t forget her roots.  I’m from the streets, she said with a Tupac like glare.  You fuck with me, I kill your family.

She admits though, she’s chilled out a lot more and opts for longer naps and quiet nights lounging on her balcony of her house and staring out into the cool Los Angeles nights.   Kitty is adamant to state that it’s nights like those that she cherishes most and she never glosses over her blessings.

My family still out there struggling.  Scrapping day to day to survive.  The last time she visited them was over a year ago after she had gotten stabbed and placed in a cone.  It was a wake up call to slow down.  I also felt I needed to spend one more time with them before I moved on and focused on me.   She spent two weeks with her family before returning home right before El Nino hit. I love’em but them [racial slur] are on their own with that shit.

At this point in the interview, Kitty began to clean herself and left to take a poop shortly after.  She didn’t respond to any further requests for comments.

All that I’ve been through has made me into who I am today.

Article by @zachquinones

Photos by @joelfloraphoto

Playlist of the Week: Cynic 80’s

Sorry for the tardiness on the weekly playlist.  We’ve been swamped with multiple obligations so it’s making things a bit difficult to keep on track but here is the playlist of the week, Cynic 80’s.

Kool & The Gang, George Michael, The Eurythmics, Duran Duran, and of course the Rick Roll Master himself Rick Astley (plus a ton more of course)!  A whopping 5-and-a-half hours of 80’s hits.

We promise we’ll get back into the swing of things sooner than later!

Thank You

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